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#42...something a bit different

Okay, so its not a "photography blog" but its something that every photographer should know about. Its a wonderful review site for photography vendors, created by Susan Robichaud. Anyone who has been near a photography board in the past year knows that *everyone* (and their mothers, lol) is selling something: actions, presets, templates, workshops, jewelry, magazines, you name it. And everyone knows that on certain boards, you are never going to get an honest and unbiased opinion about said products.
In steps the Reviews of Photography Vendors site...its brilliant in that it allows reviews to be posted about any vendor who is selling to photographers: handbags, jewelry, seminars, etc. Some have criticized the process for allowing Anonymous reviews, but Susan really watches IP's and all to make sure they are not coming from the same person, and we all know if you criticize a *superstar* on some boards, you will get attacked, so the option of anonymous reviews is key, in my humble opinion. Kudos to the great job and valuable service you are providing Susan, and thanks from someone whom you saved some cash from being wasted on lousy merchandise!


andrea said...

Thank you!!! This is awesome!

Robin said...

Thanks for the heads up on the site! I have already saved money from it! LOL! :-) LOVE your blog! Keep it up!