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#43...Oleksandr Photography Blog

Oleksandr Havrylyuk is a photographer who works out of Vancouver WA and Portland, OR. His blog features primarily wedding images, with an occasional portrait of his own children or an engagement session. I especially loved this photo on page 2 of his blog:

I really like the layout of his blog, nice large images to really showcase his work. 
His main website is, hands down, one of the most enjoyable sites I've come across in a long time. Everything works. The photography is stunning, intimate and remarkable, the flash site is seamless and timed just perfectly, the music fits, all around great. I have a burning desire to reach for my red pen and edit the english, but it does add to the charm. :) (edited to add... I mean *no disrespect* by this... he seems like a lovely wonderful guy and doing great with his English in comparison to how long he has been in America!) 
Enjoy his lovely work... I know you will.