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#33...Caught on Film Photography

I stumbled across this blog: Caught on Film Photography, by Pamela and Shawn Richter in San Diego/La Jolla, CA. They have lots of great beach shots and senior work, with neat blends/collages, etc if you need some inspiration there. But what I really love is this article they wrote about why custom photography is so "expensive". I'd add to it that we also have the joy of paying taxes, insurance and equipment costs, but its a good read and worth sharing. :)



andrea said...

Wow! Well said!

COFPhoto said...

Thank you for the link to our site. We are amazed at how well this article has been received and how far it has spread in such a short time.

Thanks again!

Margie @ Smiles Forever Photo said...

You all ROCK!!! Hugs, M