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#56...Jeanette LeBlanc

Jeanette has two blogs, following my bliss to showcase her beautiful photos, which she posts to less often than I'd like to see. :) (hint hint, post more! now.) And crunchy on the inside, to showcase her words, which are magical and sublime, and will make you want to add both blogs to your reader or feedburner. You can also peek at more work on her flickr.
As I read through, and looked at her images, I find myself smirking. Here is this shockingly talented woman who has a sidebar of "who she wants to be when she grows up" listing many other talented photographers whom she admires. Hate to break it to you Jeanette, but you are as good as or better than quite a few of them. And, you seem so insightful and sagacious... let it out through your camera more often and *bam* you will be there.
Hope you all enjoy her work as much as I did!