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#55...Angela Calderon

Angela Calderon is someone I have "known" online for about 3-4 years. Angela's personality and her photos are so bubbly, colorful and polychromatic that she would cheer up any dark cloudy day! The thing I've always loved about her work is it looks like she is just having so much fun when she is shooting, and that lightheartedness comes through loud and clear in her connections with her subjects. Too bad she lives on the other side of the country from me (I'm in Minneapolis, MN--she is in Los Angeles, CA...) as I'm sure we would be fast friends and have a blast together. Angela's blog is worth checking out--you will love her chatty conversational tone as well as the great photos it showcases. Her main site is here.



Jennifer said...

awesome photographer and a great person, very kind and caring! Love her work so inspirational!

amber said...

This blog is an awesome idea!