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#38...Susan Striplings photoblog

I know there are some amazingly talented photographers out there who I have never heard of. I'm always amazed when I stumble across them and wonder all day how I never have before. Susan Stripling is one such photographer. Her blog is wonderful to read, and if you scroll down a bit, you will see my most favorite sunflare image ever. :) Her site is here and she seems to work all over but is based out of florida. ~Enjoy!



mk said...

I love Susan's work! She's been a staple in my rss reader for a long time. She does such beautiful work.

Mel O Photos said...

Amazing, her favorites from 2007 are by far the most beautiful wedding images I have ever seen. Thank you for choosing her; what an inspiration.


meg said...

I love Susan Striplings work and have stalked her blog for some time. Good choice!!!

PamN said...

She's the best! Good choice!

moorephoto said...

She is my favorite wedding photographer out there today!