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#30..Hans Vandevorst

Yeah, I'm breaking the rules again. No blog. 

But oh my goodness... the photographs on this site. 
Meet Hans Van de Vorst... his site is here. He is in The Netherlands. (and you can find him on flickr too.)
I love how the music fits the mood of each different gallery... they are so inspiring and beautiful. 
(and I will only mention this once on the blog, and never again: hope you all are respecting copyright with music the same as you'd want with your photos; ie hope these songs are permission granted for use...) 
And I can't decide which I like more--the photos of the tuscany wedding or the dutch ones... oh wow... I have to go look at them again. Just amazing. Amazing.
~Enjoy-I know you will.


lroah said...

Just have to tell you how much I have enjoyed this blog - love checking out the photographers I don't know and love seeing the ones I do know. Besides that, your comments make me laugh! Keep them coming...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words and promoting my work

Hans van de Vorst