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#28...Sarah Maren Photography

I stumbled across Sarah in a classic case of digital drifting... following one post to one blog to one flickr account to another blog, and so on and so on. ;) I'm not the only one who does this, right? 

Sarah seems to do a ton of weddings and engagement sessions, and she works out of Sacramento, CA primarily. I hope this doesn't sound snarky at all, but the thing that I love about her work, is that so many of her clients are average looking, but she does a great job of flattering them and really making beautiful images. We all know its a bit easier to photograph the beautiful people of the world, right? Sarah rocks at that, but even tougher, she makes all the "regular people" look great too! She has a ton of slideshows linked to view from her blog, so if you need some inspiration, go to it. You can find her blog here, and her site here


Anonymous said...

Sarah is amazing!!! She is going to be photographing our wedding this year and I can't wait.

jules said...

this blog is great. I am not a professional photographer, but I should be a professional photographer STALKER!! I love to look at pictures!!!
keep up the great finds!

Julie Parker Photography said...

What a FUN blog! I just discovered it!