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#27...Finding Joy (Joy Kaminski)

I love the title of Joy's photography website: Finding Joy Photography. I know its a play on her name, Joy Kaminski, but I expect it has a triple meaning. It seems like perhaps she set out to find joy: by that I mean, happiness, the joy in life, and to capture that joy beautifully, and instead has found herself: found Joy.  I love that Joy is not afraid to try out lots of different post processing techniques to give her images so many different looks. She has some really amazing vintage photos and I love the warmth of them. 

I  hear a bit of accusatory banter from time to time on photography forums about "copying" other's styles (not in regards to Joy, just in general) and really, hasn't it all been done before?It has, its all been done before.  (Now I'll have the Barenaked Ladies song "It's all been done before" in my head all day, and so will you!)
Our challenge as artists, as photographers, is to keep trying new things, keep it fresh, and keep finding joy in doing so.
Joy works out of  the Chicagoland area, and you can find her blog here and her site here


Nicol said...

Joy is one of my favorite photographers. I love her creativity. She is very inspiring. Glad you found her ~ Nicol

Kristine Andrews said...

Thanks for sharing these great photographer's blogs! I love Joy's work!

Kristine Andrews said...

Thank you so much for sharing all these great photographer's blogs! I love Joy's work!!