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#21...Lisa Russo

I think it is kind of funny... in general, it is much easier to be verbose about the things we do not like. (Hence all the complaint calls restaurant managers get, and so few compliments...LOL)

If I let the mean and unkind side of me come out, I'd be able to write a seriously sarcastic and snarky blog about all the bad photography that is out there. It's much harder, I'm finding, to write about what it is that I *do* like. We know it when we see it, we can feel it, but to describe it is more elusive. 
I know I like Lisa Russo's blog. I like her candid and chatty style. I love the warmth of her photos, the interaction between her camera/her/her subjects. Her blog gives me the feeling that if she lived near me, we'd get together and have a glass of wine, and have a lot to chit chat about. Make sure you go past the first few posts. We all know this is a slower time of year, and there is lots of good stuff to dig into. :)
Blog is here and site is here, and Lisa is in Atlanta, GA. 
{and by the way, I love comments, so keep 'em coming!}


Lisa said...

Ha! You certainly nailed me - candid and chatty. :) And likes wine.

Thanks so much, Mary!

Julia said...

I've been a reader of Lisa's blog for months - although it could actually be a year now, I don't remember, because like you, her warmth and writing styles and photo's just draw you in. So glad to see you've recognized Lisa here!

Alisha G. Robertson said...

a friend of Lisa's I can say you are so right... nothing better than a girl's night out with her. :) I love her blog too!

Kathy T said...

Love Lisa's work!

Carolyn said...

Another Huge fan of Lisa's!