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#56...Jeanette LeBlanc

Jeanette has two blogs, following my bliss to showcase her beautiful photos, which she posts to less often than I'd like to see. :) (hint hint, post more! now.) And crunchy on the inside, to showcase her words, which are magical and sublime, and will make you want to add both blogs to your reader or feedburner. You can also peek at more work on her flickr.
As I read through, and looked at her images, I find myself smirking. Here is this shockingly talented woman who has a sidebar of "who she wants to be when she grows up" listing many other talented photographers whom she admires. Hate to break it to you Jeanette, but you are as good as or better than quite a few of them. And, you seem so insightful and sagacious... let it out through your camera more often and *bam* you will be there.
Hope you all enjoy her work as much as I did!

#55...Angela Calderon

Angela Calderon is someone I have "known" online for about 3-4 years. Angela's personality and her photos are so bubbly, colorful and polychromatic that she would cheer up any dark cloudy day! The thing I've always loved about her work is it looks like she is just having so much fun when she is shooting, and that lightheartedness comes through loud and clear in her connections with her subjects. Too bad she lives on the other side of the country from me (I'm in Minneapolis, MN--she is in Los Angeles, CA...) as I'm sure we would be fast friends and have a blast together. Angela's blog is worth checking out--you will love her chatty conversational tone as well as the great photos it showcases. Her main site is here.


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#54...Nichol Krupp

There is a lot to see on this lovely blog: Nichol Krupp.  Great words, great photos (love the twins!) and she seems like a great woman. I got a little lost reading through it all, and enjoyed myself immensely! (And that doesn't happen often, I'm a good skim-reader! LOL)

Adore the quote she posted from Marianne Williamson, on March 30 (scroll a little) ~so true and so poignant. Also, a bit below that, a wonderful read by Niki on "Art & Accidents".... I bet if you emailed her and asked really really nice, she would be willing to allow you to share her fab insights with your own clients... Whaddya say Niki? :) Her main site is here and she is located in Michigan. 

#53...Wink photography

I know you are going to love the modern crisp look and photos on Char's blog: Wink Photo.  I added her to my list of blogs to check out months ago, and finally got to her today and am so glad I did! She has an especially lovely way with lighting the small ones she photographs, and since I've got another baby session myself tomorrow~  her blog is a great inspiration! I'm sure my readers will agree. She works in and around Fairfield County, CT, and you can find her main portrait site here

Hope you enjoy!
ps: I get tons of requests to review blogs, and am happy to add any photographer to my list. For ease of organization, I only take requests through my gmail account: email me your blog address and a brief description. Thank you!

#52... a different photo exploration-Photo Camp

I'd advise getting a cup of coffee and setting aside a little chunk of time for viewing the work from my next post ~National Geographic's Photo Camp.

The Premise: (from their website, not my words)
National Geographic Photo Camp is a series of photography workshops for youth from underserved communities both in and outside the United States. In partnership with local newspapers and community organizations, Photo Camp inspires young people to explore their communities through the camera's lens, and to share their vision through public presentations and exhibitions across the United States and throughout the world.
You can view a short video about each of the five featured galleries (New Orleans, Washington, DC, New York city, Erie, PA, and a refugee camp in Uganda) from the link above. There are also photo galleries from "Photo Camps" from Homestead, FL, San Francisco, Little Haiti in Miami, and Oaxaca Mexico. You will see some absolutely amazing work, touching, moving and poignant work. What an amazing project.