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#51...Kristin Eldridge

Ok, I'm finally back. I really try to post every few days or so, but got behind with proofing sessions, and then when my brother had a medical emergency and ended up in the hospital, that kind of sapped my energy with worrying. Thanks for your patience, I am back!

And here is a lovely blog for you to enjoy: Kristin Eldridge in San Francisco. Love her blog header and logo, her clean fresh photography, beautiful! Make sure you look back a bit in her blog, past just the front page. She has some really lovely work to enjoy, and her site has some really splendid photography work on it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did~! And thanks for all the nice emails and comments about my brother. He is improving and hopefully will be going home from the hospital next week.


Robyn said...

I've been thinking of your brother, I hope he is doing better. :-)

Tonya said...

Kristin is one of my favs...a great inspiration and her work is so clean and crisp..I love it!

You have a fun blog going here...


hope your brother is doing well!


meg said...

Quality is better than quantity!! thank you for sharing these wonderful sites, it doesn't have to be everyday. I love being shown a site here and then having a bit of time to study it before you show us another wonderful one!!

Hope your brother is much better soon.