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#45...The Storyteller Blog: Charles Bordner

Sometimes I can't even recall how I stumbled upon a blog. Some are sent to me as recommendations to review by fans of the blog, some are self-submitted {which, by the way, I think is awesome, so don't feel bad if you do that, I love it! Self-promotion in this biz is crucial!! Send me presents and I'll guarantee you a post, lol. ;) }

Anyway, that said, I have no idea where I found this blog... just found it in my favorites from who knows when. Probably saved it one morning at 4:30 when I was proofing bleary-eyed, right? :)
So: here it is, Charles Bordner, aka, The Storyteller. 
Amazing, extraordinary work. What artistry....
Love the blog design as well as the photography, just all around top-notch.
Blog is here and site is here.
ps, had a fabulous time in DC... highly recommend it to those who haven't played tourist in the capitol!


Charles "The Storyteller" said...


WOW!!!! I am excited to be featured here and love the company I am in. Great photographers and absolutely wonderful blog.