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#35...some local karma with Jana Kunz!

I've had several local (I'm in Minneapolis, MN) photographers email me and ask tentatively if I would feature their blog on the blogs of photogs. I've always answered back with a *sure will!* I feel strongly that karma is real, that what goes around comes around. Also, there is a nice, large market here in our area, and plenty of work for all of us, right?  So, here goes my second local one: Jana Kunz. I've had the pleasure of meeting Jana in person at a local photographer meet-up, and she is truly a lovely person as well as a talented photographer and great graphic designer. I love the clean  crisp look of her site, her blog and all her work. She has a really fun blog to read as well, and best of all (hint hint to others!) she updates pretty often. Enjoy!



Jana said...

Thanks Mary! You are so sweet Ü

fara said...

This blog is now my new favorite :0) I just love checking back everyday to see who will be featured next!! So super exciting! ~fara