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#19...Laurence Kim Blog

I think you will enjoy this one...its not your everyday run of the mill photography blog. This blog just feels different.  Its tough to describe...see if you feel it too. I don't know if its because its obvious how much he loves photography in general, from kids, to foodie shoots, to engagements, etc or what...but Laurence has some great vibrant stuff going on here, and its well worth checking out. Hope you enjoy it too. He is out of Seattle Wa and blog is here, site here.



Season said...

Lovely, I had never seen his site before! I am glad I found your blog, what a great concept!

Joy Kaminski said...

Thanks so much for the link...that's why I love your new "idea" with this blog! Such refreshing visions....
Thanks for taking the time!

Angela said...

His work is new to me. Thanks for profiling him, love his work!

Mel O Photos said...

What a great find, his work is great.

I love Blogs of Photogs

Melissa O

Cory Parris said...

Larry rocks! He is a great referral partner. I know that when I send people to Larry, they are going to get great work.