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#17...Childhood Lifestyle Art by Ritz Rivera

Ritz Rivera works out of Miami FL, and she has a lovely, clean fresh style. She also has been featuring quite a few maternities... and I have to say for the women readers of my blog, the photos of her most recent maternity on her blog are well worth studying to improve your photographic skills.  It wouldn't be because of anything else... nope. Just studying Ritz's lovely camera work, especially on that last image where Dad is shirtless.
Oops, did I say that outloud? 
Seriously though, Ritz has a great eye and amazing attention to details and light, and her site and blog are beautiful. You can find her blog here and her site here


Leah said...

yes you said it out loud and my goodness you were not kidding. Bow chick a wow wow (oops did I say that :) )