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#9...Blair Blanks of Baltimore MD...

Blair does such beautiful work... I am looking forward to her blog becoming more lively *SOON* as she returns from maternity leave after the birth of her beautiful daughter.  

Blair is one of my favorite studio photographers, so good with "fake light" as I like to call it, lol. :)
Check out her blog here, and her site here. Can't wait to see her back at it soon! Blair works out of Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding area.
I also want to make mention of the Baby James Project for stillbirth prevention, which Blair began to encourage pregnant moms to do regular kickcounts. Blair started this after the tragic loss of her son James due to a cord accide
nt, and she has worked so hard to bring the important message of kick counting to prevent stillbirth to pregnant mothers everywhere. I also encourage every photographer to add this small logo:

to their websites and link back to The Baby James Project to help spread the word. This is the link for The Baby James Project:
Happy New Year everyone!