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#3, Shannon Sewell of Vancouver, WA

Shannon Sewell is someone I don't recognize from any of the photography forums I frequent, but bet I'll be seeing more of her work! Her blog is here... 

Don't let those tiny images in the posts stop you, they open in their own window and are truly worth seeing. She has a really good eye and some nice work! Her main site is here. Looking forward to seeing some more new stuff in the new year from her! :)


jen said...

ooooohhhh boy! This girl rocks my socks. Seriously. I had to look at every single image, every single page. That opening slideshow is divine! What a way to pull you in. Her galleries are full of amazing, FUN works. Her use of vibrant colors, her rick b/w's, her interesting, lively compositions, her word association getting to know you section. . . ALL of it ROCKS. I have a new obsession, er, inspiration I mean. LOL. I am SO thrilled that you featured her here Mary. My spirit needed to see her work, read her words.